The Happiness VIP Club

The Happiness VIP Club on Patreon is an exclusive gateway to a treasure trove of monthly printables designed to elevate your journey towards self-kindness and mental well-being. Functioning as a membership-based platform, you, our amazing supporters, can become official patrons by contributing a chosen amount monthly. At Okay Doodle, we’re firm believers in the incredible journey of embracing your individuality for personal growth. As a member, you’ll gain access to the Okay Doodle magic, and we get the support to keep creating the uplifting, self-kindness goodies you adore. So, think of Patreon as your backstage pass to a world of creativity and kindness. It’s where the magic truly happens! 🌈

The Happiness Vip Club

£3 (+Vat) Tier. Welcome to the £3 tier, your entryway to an exclusive realm of monthly digital wonders here at Okay Doodle! For just a cup-of-coffee-sized contribution, you’ll receive a specially crafted monthly calendar page to brighten your days. Additionally, engage in some delightful self-care bingo. Track your goals with a handy tracker, and unlock an Etsy discount code for a little treat. It’s the perfect way to infuse your life with a touch of Okay Doodle magic every month. Join us at this tier and become part of a community dedicated to spreading joy and self-kindness

£10 (+Vat) Tier: Ready for the ultimate Okay Doodle experience? Dive into our £10 tier and elevate your monthly dose of digital happiness! Not only do you receive all the enchanting perks from the £3 tier, but you also unlock a treasure trove of additional delights. Immerse yourself in printable worksheets for a burst of creativity, soothe your soul with exclusive colouring pages, adorn your screens with desktop/mobile wallpapers, jot down your brilliant ideas on printable note pages, and add a dash of digital charm with our bespoke stickers. It’s a feast for the senses and a surefire way to make your Okay Doodle journey even more magical. Join us at this tier, and let the joy overflow!

The Happiness VIP Club

Ready to unlock exclusive Okay Doodle content and dive into a world of joy and self-kindness?

Joining our Happiness Vip Club Patreon family is as easy as clicking a button! Head over to Patreon to embark on this magical journey. Once there, you’ll find our delightful tiers designed to suit every level of enthusiasm.

Keep in mind that payments are subscription-based, ensuring a seamless experience. Your first payment is taken when you join, and subsequent payments are processed on the same day every month. Whether you’re drawn to the enchanting offerings of our £3 +Vat tier or ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate experience of our £10 +Vat tier, becoming a patron is just a click away. Simply choose your preferred tier, hit that ‘Become a Patron’ button, and voilà – you’re officially part of the Okay Doodle inner circle, spreading joy and self-kindness with us. Plus, we can’t wait to welcome you to our Patreon family!

The Happiness VIP Club

Hope to see you there soon!

Clare | Okay Doodle – Your Happiness Bestie 🌈