How To Get Your Emails To Reach The Right Inbox Every Time

How To Get Your Emails To Reach The Right Inbox Every Time With MailerLite

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In the whirlwind of tasks, there’s one sneaky detail that often goes unnoticed, How To Get Your Emails To Reach The Right Inbox Every Time. There’s nothing more frustrating than noticing that the email you’ve spent so long working on has ended up in the promotions tab, or worse the spam folder, ughhh!

Fear not, fellow business adventurer! We’re here to be your trusty guide, ensuring your emails don’t wander off to the forgotten corners of spam or promotions. We’ve tailored this journey just for you, the unsung heroes of small businesses using MailerLite. Let’s make sure your messages don’t just arrive but land gracefully in the coveted focused or primary inbox – right where they deserve to be!

I am specifically using MailerLite here as my example as it’s the provider I personally use, however, the concepts of email authentication (SPF, DKIM, and DMARC) are widely recognized and implemented across various email service providers. Regardless of your chosen provider, these principles remain fundamental. If you’re using a different email service provider, you’ll generally find similar authentication settings in your account settings. The terminology and exact steps might differ slightly, but the core principles will remain the same.

How To Get Your Emails To Reach The Right Inbox Every Time

Setting up Foolproof Email Authentication:

When it comes to email authenticity, MailerLite has your back. Within your MailerLite dashboard, head to the “Domains” section and add your domain. This simple step is the foundation of secure and reliable email delivery. Consider it as the key to your business’s virtual front door.

Transition to Enhancing Security:

Now, it’s time to show the world (well, at least the servers) that you’re the real deal. Let’s dive into the next phase – authenticating your domain. Within your MailerLite dashboard, you’ll spot the “Authenticate” button – your golden ticket to email authenticity. Click it, and get ready for the magic to happen. A pop-up will greet you with two DNS records – DKIM and SPF. These are like secret codes that tell the email servers, “Hey, this is legit!

DKIM: For the DKIM configuration, copy the code provided. Afterwards, hustle over to your hosting panel (This is who hosts your domain!). Find the CNAME records (think of it as your domain’s VIP guest list), and add this code. Boom – you’ve just given your emails a unique identity pass.

SPF: grab the SPF code after you’ve set up DKIM. Then, head to your TXT records in the hosting panel and paste this code. Security level up!Security level up!

Press “Check DNS Records” to verify that the authentication worked.

How To Get Your Emails To Reach The Right Inbox Every Time
For the visual learners out there, consider this process like crafting a digital scrapbook. Here’s a sneak peek of what it looks like:


Voila! Your domain is now strutting its stuff with a certified badge of authenticity. We’ve just unleashed a new level of trust for your emails and you’ve learned How To Get Your Emails To Reach The Right Inbox Every Time. YAY!

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