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At The Okay Doodle Happiness Hub, we’re on a mission to create happiness, one doodle at a time! Our blog is a sanctuary of easy tips and uplifting content designed for wonderful women and small business owners. Immerse yourself in a world where we share simple ways to elevate self-kindness amidst your bustling work-from-home lifestyle.

And here’s the exciting part – our Etsy store is not just a store; it’s exclusively your portal to a universe of delightful SVG/PNG graphics! From mental health quotes to bookish illustrations, and more – Okay Doodle’s treasures are here to brighten every corner of your life.

For self-kindness digital printables, we’ve got an exclusive space just for you on Patreon! Join our community to access a variety of digital goodies, designed to nurture your self-esteem and organise your thoughts and feelings.

Just adore cute doodles and inspirational quotes? Head over to my Instagram for regular updates on self-kindness and mental well-being illustrations.

Let’s craft happiness together, one doodle at a time!

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Hi I’m Clare

Want to know more about me?

I am the creative mind behind the joy-filled illustrations, mental health insights, and happiness-inspired blog posts you find here. Currently on a mental health break from the “Okay Doodle” stationery shop I am passionate about sharing exclusive SVG designs that bring happiness to fellow small businesses. I’m devoted to self-kindness, embracing real feelings, and navigating life’s messy journey. Welcome to my space of creativity and well-being!

Quick things about me;

  • Overthinker
  • Currently in Therapy
  • Mum to teenagers
  • Sitcom Lover
  • Hufflepuff

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