About Clare and Okay Doodle Happiness Hub

Who is Okay Doodle? Hello there, I’m Clare, the creative human behind the self-kindness illustrations, mental health insights, and happiness-inspired musings you’ll discover on this platform. My artistic journey began back in 2018 during CBT therapy. Faced with the challenge of expressing my feelings on paper, I turned to doodling on my tablet. The digital doodles evolved into Okay Doodle, born on Boxing Day 2018.

What started as a personal outlet quickly blossomed into a community of over 47 thousand followers on Instagram. Together, we’ve connected through doodles that touch on mental well-being, anxiety, and the nuances of mental health. Over the years, my illustrative styles have evolved, mirroring the shifts in my own journey.

Taking the doodles into the physical realm

In 2019, I took a leap and opened a stationery shop. A labour of love offering stickers, enamel pins, washi tape, and more. Alongside a wonderful Patreon community, the shop thrived until the challenges brought about by the global pandemic.

…What’s happening now?

Fast forward to 2023, as I approached 40, my own mental state faced challenges. Despite years of managing anxiety with medication, my mental health took a significant hit, leading me to seek more thorough therapy. This pivotal moment prompted me to take a step back from the physical store, prioritising my well-being.

As I navigate this journey of self-discovery, I’ve turned to my blog for comfort in 2024. This newly established space serves not only as a platform for my story but also as a source of insights into business and the pursuit of peace amid challenges in my physical health. My aspiration is that, in sharing my experiences, knowledge, and finding solace in this digital space, others may be inspired to embrace their feelings, seek help, and realise they’re not alone.

I will be navigating through my therapy sessions with a open mind, while concentrating my creative mind on my Patreon and my Etsy store where I will continue to share my digital creations that I hope bring joy, happiness and self-awareness to other.

Thank you for joining me on this evolving adventure, where creativity, well-being, and authenticity intertwine, and thank you for reading more and finding out Who is Okay Doodle?

Big Love, Clare 🌟 Your Happiness Bestie.